Long COVID: An Autoimmune Disease?

I will throw out a hypothesis: one could almost say that Long COVID or as I call it “Post-COVID-19 Syndrome” is an autoimmune disease where the antibodies that develop after an acute infection target the body instead of the virus. It's a scary thought I know, what is scarier is for us to ignore the possibility that this virus is here to stay, but perhaps in different forms of other diseases.

Now Available: COVID-19 Antibody Testing and RT-PCR Testing

Signal Diagnostics, a Los Angeles based CLIA laboratory and wholly owned subsidiary of Flow Health has validated and launched the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics COVID-19 antibody test.

Are seasonal and food allergies a risk factor for severe COVID-19 cases?

As we continue to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, the allergy season is now underway. Medical experts believe environmental allergens like grass and tree pollen may make your respiratory system more fragile, suppressing your immune system and making it easier to catch COVID-19 or increasing the severity of the virus's symptoms and impact on your health.