For Hospitals

Hospital Laboratory Partnerships

We understand that no two hospitals are exactly alike, and our team believes in creating “win win” partnerships. We collaborate with our hospital partners to meet their immediate needs and find new mutually beneficial opportunities that complement their system.

Your business and clinical partner for laboratory expansion.

We partner with hospitals and health systems as joint venture partnerships for specialty diagnostics, laboratory management service agreements, pathology services and reference testing.


Access to proprietary and specialty laboratory diagnostics
(e.g. Allergen360)

Population Health

Enriched laboratory and clinical data that can reduce downstream healthcare costs


Elimination of health system capital investments in the laboratory

Coordination of Care

Improved integration of inpatient and outreach laboratory testing, including electronic health records (EHR) integration


Enhanced health system profits through expanded outreach laboratory services


Monetization of the existing outreach business - redeployment of capital to other important service lines

Our superior technology and expert pathologists is a world-class solution.

In today’s healthcare environment, it’s increasingly important to provide medical services that improve the quality of patient care, while reducing healthcare costs, and still enhance physician and patient satisfaction. Whether you are looking for professional pathology services for your facility, or are considering fully outsourcing your pathology lab, Flow Health may be the missing link.
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