For You

Diagnostic Testing for a Lifetime of Good Health

We work with your physician to provide precise diagnoses and personalized treatment options.

We make precision diagnostic testing more accessible.

We are in-network with many insurance plans. We also have financial assistance and payment plans to help you handle a high deductible if you have one.

You are unique. Your treatment should be, too.

Pathologists (medical doctors who specialize in the science of pathology, the study of disease) are often referred to as the “physician’s physician.” That’s because a pathologist’s diagnosis represents a critical factor in determining a patient’s future care. Our pathologists provide your physician(s) consultation regarding laboratory test results, effective treatment plans and disease management for optimal care. In complex cases, they work closely with your physician to provide an accurate diagnosis of your tissue (biopsy) and in determining whether an illness is benign, inflammatory or cancerous. Our pathologists provide an accurate diagnosis that is communicated promptly to your physician to determine your treatment.

Great treatment starts with precision lab testing.

We are redefining what is possible in diagnostic medicine by identifying problems that others don’t see.
We are a pathology and clinical laboratory that leverages technology
and data to improve patient outcomes through improved detection and
accuracy (less false positives and negatives).

Stay healthy.

Some diseases develop over time and produce no symptoms. Lab
testing can help you identify these serious conditions early.
The longer a medical condition remains undetected and undiagnosed, the more
difficult the treatment and the less chance for success.

We help you understand your results.

Lab tests can be impossible to understand. We make it easy for you and your physicians to understand and interpret your lab results for quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Understanding those results will save time and allow for more in-depth discussion of specific concerns with your doctors.

Access to your pathology and laboratory reports.

We help you participate in your healthcare by giving you access to your pathology and laboratory reports from every doctor, in a single portal. After the ordering physician has reviewed the results, the laboratory report will be available in our portal. We envision a future where you can share your medical information with whomever you choose and get access to the best information and insights about your health.
Peace of Mind Billing

Get the Laboratory Diagnostics You Need, Without the Financial Hardship.

We want you to focus on your health and loved ones, and leave the insurance process to us. We are committed to doing all we can to help. We offer a comprehensive Patient Financial Assistance program.
House Call Blood Draws

A Convenient Way to Get Lab Work Done.

Blood work is important, but it can be challenging to make time to get it done. With Flow Health, getting blood work done is simple and convenient, whether it’s for you or for someone in your care. Our lab experts work around your schedule - at home or at work - so you never have to skip another blood draw appointment.
Patient-Initiated Precision Ordering

Personalize Your Next Laboratory Order.

Lab tests can identify risk factors for disease. By answering questions about your medical history, we assist your doctors in identifying the right tests to improve your quality of life.
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