Operating System for
Precision Diagnostics

Working to improve lives, one diagnosis at a time

Moving from data to understanding

Smarter Approach to Diagnosing.

We’re committed to improving patient health outcomes by advancing the understanding of disease and how to best treat them.
Our Operating System for Precision Diagnostics identifies the best lab tests for diagnosis and disease management, and provides de-identified access to similar patient cohorts to understand disease progression and the best treatment options.

Artificial Intelligence for Diagnostic Ordering.

We analyze the patient’s entire medical records or their symptoms, diagnosis and medication lists to identify the most appropriate diagnostic testing. We identify testing options, specifying personalized complex cascades (multi-biomarker reflex testing) and disease-based monitoring protocols to make care more proactive and preventive. We do this while balancing the goal of providing the most actionable clinical information and the need to conform with payer utilization management policies.

Knowledge Graph.

Flow Health uses the latest in machine learning to draw insights from every case and test result to uncover previously unknown knowledge to personalize how care is delivered.
We give clinicians the equivalent of the world’s experience and learning in order to make very individualized recommendations for their patients.

Deeper Insights.

Up to 70% of medical decisions are based on lab results - but lab results are analyzed without considering the patient’s medical history or other diagnostic results.
We ingest data from the ordering providers EMR to understand the clinical context for each patient case.

Better Data. Always Learning.

Flow Health provides ordering clinicians with unmatched information and insights to understand how a patient’s laboratory reports may guide a patient’s diagnostic or treatment plan.
We do this by measuring evidence-based risk stratifications (e.g., ASCVD, Framingham), displaying calculated markers (e.g., Anion Gap, HOMA-IR) and offering proprietary multi-biomarker in-silco laboratory developed tests.

Advancing science and medicine

Flow Health is committed to improving patient outcomes by advancing the understanding of disease and how to best treat them, while providing insights to inform clinicians and patients in their care decisions.

Research Priorities


Dementia is not a normal part of aging. Our objective is to identify predictors of dementia and other cognitive impairments.
Learn more about Research opportunities


Inflammation is a common underlying factor in obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. We aim to discover knowledge on dietary causes of inflammation and their effects on disease.
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We believe collaboration is key to better healthcare.

Health Systems

Whether you are looking for clinical or pathology services for your facility, or might be interested in advancing research, we want to talk.

Health Plans

A true alternative to corporate reference labs that providers and patients equally dislike. We are the foundation for clinically integrated precision medicine.

Electronic Health Records

Ready to move beyond basic bi-directional interfaces with your laboratory partners? Or just want to expand your clinical decision support? Let’s talk.
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