Testing & Results

The Flow Health Patient Portal is a HIPAA compliant portal where you can access your test results. Our app is available on the Apple App Store. To access the portal from a computer or Android device visit https://app.flowhealthlabs.com/patient/login. The Patient Portal is invite only, you cannot register for through the app. Registration must be completed using the web-form supplied to you by your company/school. The Patient Portal contains a QR code check in feature to expedite onsite testing. If it is your first time setting up an account with Flow Health you will receive a text inviting you to connect with your company/school immediately following the registration submission. 

If you already have an account with Flow Health you will not receive a text notification, instead you will receive an email letting you know that you have been invited to connect with a new practice. 

Example Email/Text

Hi Patient Name

Company Name wants to connect with you on Flow Health for lab testing.

Please click here to login with Flow Health.


Flow Health

When you click on the “here” you will be directed to enter the patient’s date of birth and zip code. When verification is complete you will be prompted to set up a password or authorize a connection to a new practice depending on your current account status.  If you have multiple children/family members you can link them together by using the same mobile phone number and zip code for everyone in the family.

You can view all account associations and family members under Profile > Patient Profiles. If you cannot access your patient portal or you require additional assistance please fill out this link and our Customer Success team will assist you.



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