Now Available: COVID-19 Antibody Testing and RT-PCR Testing

April 23, 2020

Signal Diagnostics, a Los Angeles based CLIA laboratory and wholly owned subsidiary of Flow Health has validated and launched the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics COVID-19 antibody test. Flow Health and Signal Diagnostics are able to run over 300 tests per hour or 7,200 per day - this means we can test over 200,000 Americans every month. We are working to double this capacity in the coming months. Our COVID-19 antibody testing will complement our previously developed RT-PCR assay for detecting COVID-19.

Why is antibody testing important? If you previously had COVID-19 and no longer have symptoms, RT-PCR assays will come back negative and be unable to show past infections. Antibody testing helps to fill in the gaps.  Our new COVID-19 antibody test, detects antibodies, which are proteins in the blood that fight-off infection, and indicates if you had (or have) the virus. But Instead of simply getting a detected (positive) or not detected (negative) result, our antibody test will also  provide insights into past infections. Our  aim is to perform mass antibody testing so we can identify those individuals with potential immunity and understand the true spread and risk of serious infections. 

When humans have an infection, such as COVID-19, we make antibodies so that the next time we are exposed to the same virus, our immune system remembers its response and produces more of the same antibodies. These antibodies can neutralize the virus and protect us from getting infected again. 

At Flow Health, we are working hard to test every healthcare professional and person with a known or suspected exposure to COVID-19, and anyone with respiratory symptoms such as cough or fever. We strongly believe that testing is key to building the public’s trust in reopening the economy and helping our healthcare professionals care for their most vulnerable patients. Widespread antibody testing is the first crucial step toward reopening our society.

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