The Future of Our Medical Knowledge Graph

April 20, 2023

The Medical Knowledge Graph (MKG) is a knowledge base of relationships between symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, diagnostic tests, and other clinical and molecular data sources. It’s a powerful tool that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. The MKG is a comprehensive source of knowledge that is represented in a machine-readable format called vector embeddings.

Embeddings are a way of representing data as points in space, where the locations of those points in space are semantically meaningful. They enable us to identify patients with similar symptoms or test results to find patterns in cohorts or populations.

To understand the potential of the MKG, it's helpful to know how it works. The MKG is created by collecting and analyzing data from various sources, including medical records, molecular testing, and clinical trials. This data is then structured into a graph database and used to train embeddings, allowing doctors to quickly access AI-powered decision support services to make more informed decisions.

One of the most novel developments in the MKG is the inclusion of genetic testing data. As genetic testing becomes more affordable and accessible, we can expect to see more data about a person's genetic makeup being included in the MKG. This will allow healthcare providers to predict a person's risk for certain diseases and develop more personalized treatment plans, leading to better patient outcomes.

At Flow Health, our mission is to revolutionize healthcare by leveraging personalized medicine and AI-enabled predictive tests. By integrating our platform with the MKG, we harness the power of machine learning algorithms to customize care delivery, optimize payer utilization management policies, and derive insights from each case and test result. We remain committed to our work and eagerly anticipate the future of healthcare, which promises to be bright and filled with possibilities.

With the breakthroughs in Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT-4, the ability to bring powerful clinical decision support/automation tools to providers and diagnostic and care management tools to patients is finally a reality. Stay tuned for exciting innovations from Flow Health and others.

Join us as we continue to drive innovation and progress into the next generation of patient care.

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