Patients can now view their lab reports online

April 3, 2020

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our patient portal. Your laboratory results are now at your fingertips. With our patient portal, you may view results directly from Flow Health. 

At Flow Health, we strongly believe in patient empowerment. This is the first of many planned patient facing experiences to help patients take charge of their health. This is a foundational step of aligning Flow Health with patients by creating a longitudinal health record of objective biomarkers that can guide data-driven medical decision-making. 

To access the Flow Health Patient Portal, you will get a text message the first time your results are available on Flow Health. Please wait at least seven days after we report the lab test results to your doctor before looking for your lab test results online. This will give your doctor time to review your results and provide the necessary interpretation and action plan. If you already have an account with Flow Health, login in here to view all of the results. 

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